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Lawful Round 10 Commandments

What Is Lawful Money?

“Lawful Money” is not to be confused with lawful money. “Lawful Money” Silver, Copper, and (one day) Gold rounds are collectible rounds that educate as they circulate. Go here https://www.investopedia.com/lawfulmoney.asp to read the definition of “lawful money” and note that our “Lawful Money” rounds are NOT “currency issued by the United States Treasury”.  

Where to trade Lawful Money?

See the map below

If you would like for us to advertise your business on this map, just tell us what you will give for Lawful Money. 

We will review your request and if acceptable (nothing illegal or very unfair for the person trading Lawful Money), we will approve it and put it on the map.  

If you would like us to put your business on this map, email us with the subject, "MAP" or call or text.

Here are examples of how you can bring more people to your business by accepting Lawful Money:

Suggestion: take Lawful Money as a COUPON for $50 off a service or big product or something that gets people in your door. 

Below are examples:  

> Restaurant: $50 off a catering job (most catering jobs are several hundred dollars and many might not even know that you also do catering. It's a WIN-WIN). 

> Chiropractor: $50 off initial visit or use one of these on the month of your birthday for $50 off a visit (gets your hands on new customers)

> Mechanic: $50 off oil change + maintenance check and alignment (this would get customers in your door and possibly bring much more business) 

> Photographer or Florist: $50 off a wedding 

> Air B n B: $50 off one night stay

> Day laborer: $50 off one day’s wage 

> Small store: $50 off any riding lawnmower (or any other big ticket item).

> Lawn maintenance: $50 off the first cut of the year.  

Again, Accepting Lawful Money as coupons can get new customers or potential regular customers. 

We are advertising for you and even if you threw this valuable silver round in the trash can, this advertisement can bring your business lots of fiat dollars in the long run (if you are interested in fiat dollars )

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Lawful Round Constitution

Why did we choose “Lawful Money” as the name of these rounds?

 We chose this name because they are “full of law”.

The law of the King of kings is on the obverse with a specific law concerning money (Deuteronomy 25:15) surrounding the Ten Commandments and the US Constitution is on the Reverse with the specific law concerning money around it (Article 1 sec 10).

Why Buy Precious Metals?

With Every "dollar" central banks print the value of the money in circulation is diminished.

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